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Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth - France The most recognized, unique in its complex simplicity, built around 1201 AD, is 42 feet in diameter. These photos show the center, or goal, of the labyrinth in great detail and the top down view from the vault.  The labyrinth is covered with cathedral chairs for most of the day. It is only available for walking at specific times.  Photographers note, colors vary depending on the use of flash or available lighting in making photographs.  click thumbnails for larger image

chartres11.gif (17258 bytes) chartres7A-0020s.jpg (140198 bytes) chartres8-0005labyrinthwl.jpg (119866 bytes) Photos  J W Ridder  Photos  J W Ridder  chartrescath7 photo by Chris Henige

photos from my Aug-2003 journey to Chartres click here!

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center photos  J W Ridder               top down photo by Chris Henige.  more labyrinth photos: Paxworks photo gallery