PAXworks Photo Gallery

These photos show a variety of labyrinth settings, styles and  materials.  Many were taken by John Ridder on his labyrinth pilgrimages & travels, others are contributed by friends. 

NOTE: If you want to offer photos, please email us. PAXworks  publishes only photos we own, or have permission to publish. Our steadfast policy is to honor the copyrights, of all photographers and artists.

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Outdoor Labyrinths

Indoor Labyrinths 

Peaceful Photo Gallery

TLS Gathering 2001

TLS Gathering 2002

Chartres Cathedral 2003

TLS Gathering 2004

TLS Gathering 2007

Other Sites of Interest

Poconos Labyrinth Building Weekend 2005

Midwest labyrinth Gatherings

Jeff Saward's massive gallery at

Molly the labyrinth dog Molly the "Labri-dog" was often our companion for  outdoor labyrinth work, she 'oversaw' our work from nearby shade. Here, she monitors our work,  as we mowed a Chartres replica in northern Indiana. She lived over 14 years, and died in peace on 12-17-07.

Chuck Hunner's construction blogs at

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