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Indoor Labyrinths   A warm PAXworks hug goes out to the many people who have contributed photos. Click the highlighted name to view photos/information. Please be patient, some of the  files will take a few moments to load.


The Vineyard - Adaptible Labyrinth - Jersey City, NJ - flexible, rectangular,   adaptible to three sizes from 24 to 42 feet wide!
World Peace Labyrinth - 24x35 ft, Elliptical, 7-path, made for the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC
Labyrinth -in-Font -  link - Old St Patricks Church, Chicago renovation.. Booth Hansen architects
Trinity Church - Indianapolis, IN - indoor portable durable 34 foot.
Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth - Chartres, France - indoor/stone/42 feet.
new.gif (3186 bytes) Amiens Cathedral- Amiens France- indoor/ stone/51 ft
Church of the Nativity - Indianapolis, IN - paint on durable fabric/ portable/ 35 ft.
Kordes Enrichment Center - Ferdinand, Indiana - indoor/ portable/ durable fabric/ 36 foot
Church of the Good Shepherd - Tequesta, Florida - indoor/canvas/candles
Southern University - New Orleans, LA - indoor/canvas/5-circuit/18 foot
The Corpus Christi Labyrinth - Corpus Christi, TX -indoor/ inlaid-wood/maple/walnut/ 40 ft.

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NOTE: If you own photos of interesting labyrinths and would like to offer them for this gallery, Email the photo in .JPG format with a brief description of the labyrinth to us.   PAXworks will only publish photos for which we either own the copyrights, or have permission from the photographer to publish them. We encourage respect for the rights of all photographers and artists.

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